Forensic Artist: located in California, serving worldwide.

To enhance my skills and remain current in my knowledge and abilities, I've attended Law Enforcement POST training courses and am fortunate to have been trained and mentored by some of the best in my field. This includes Advanced Methods in Forensic Art - a workshop taught by the renowned Forensic Artist, Karen Taylor (author of Forensic Art and Illustration), and one-on-one intensive training from Gil Zamora, creator of Compositure Methodology (also recently famed from his work on the Dove commercial). With a strong appreciation for the value of interdisciplinary approaches, I borrow techniques from a variety of schools of thought including cognitive psychology, forensic anthropology, communications and medical illustration.Expanding upon my undergraduate degree in art history, I hold a Masters degree in Library and Information Science.

Performing Taxidermy on an Alpaca for an exhibit at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum.

Performing Taxidermy on an Alpaca for an exhibit at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum.

Self portrait

In addition to police artistry, I've performed work for the Page Museum - La Brea Tar Pits where I rendered the first 2-D facial reconstruction on the only human excavated from that site, the La Brea Woman. She was dated at approximately 9,000 years old. I have worked in the paleontology field by excavating, cleaning and preparing fossils for research. Additionally, by working with the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles as a Museum Preparator, I assisted with dinosaur reconstructions and taxidermy for upcoming exhibits. Every project I have had the honor to work on has contributed to my expertise and ongoing curiosity in the many aspects of scientific art and human cognition.


Order of the Good Death - Member from 2013 to Present

Can You Identify Me? - Forensic Art Advisory Board Memeber - 2014 to Present