As a Forensic Artist, my renderings are done by unifying the two most dominant elements in our arsenal: Art and Science. The sources of my illustrations are often the product of someone else's memories combined with the science of how we anatomically evolve throughout life - and sometimes further - how we devolve after death.

Forensic Artist. Medical Illustrator. Seeker of knowledge. Invoker of memories. 

As a trained and experienced Forensic Artist, I'm able to embed others' memories onto a piece of paper to cater to your investigative needs. My renditions continue to serve Law Enforcement Agencies, Educational Institutions, Scientific Research, Production Companies and whomever else is in need of my service.

When we collaborate, your chief mission becomes my chief mission. This is how we will both succeed.

Although my services are flexible and tend to expand, here's a few options to consider:

  • Composite Sketches
  • Age Progressions and Regressions
  • Surveillance Image Enhancements
  • Postmortem Illustrations
  • Facial Reconstructions
  • Photo comparisons / Facial recognition


Melissa has become a great addition to OCI’s support team as a forensic artist. She had made herself available at a moment’s notice and adjusted her schedule to meet the needs of victims and detectives. Her work has been showcased in many bulletins and is a great investigative tool to have.
— Lieutenant Daniel Salerno of SMPD
Melissa has many positive traits that make her a valuable asset to any investigation when a composite artist is beneficial. She is very calm and friendly, but also professional, when dealing with crime victims. Because she is able to put victims and witnesses at ease, she gets terrific results.
— Sergeant Ira Rutan of SMPD